Project Description

These are 316 stainless custom type A sheet metal screws with tin-cobalt RoHS compliant chrome plate finish, with the 316 stainless steel designated by a dot on the head of each screw. Like the other custom tin cobalt chrome plated screws, these 6-18 X 3/8 phil flat sheet metal screws are manufactured overseas and supplied to our long time customer on a revolving blanket purchase order basis. The tin cobalt chrome plating is done in a barrel plate format for improved cost efficiency while still producing a very attractive cosmetic finish. Tin cobalt finish typically provides a slightly duller chrome finish than the traditional hexavalent chromium plating. All the custom tin cobalt plated parts we supply are electroplated with a bright nickel under-plate for improved longevity and appearance.

Our relationships with factories all over the United States and abroad based on decades of custom hardware & fastener production history, in combination with the flexibility of blanket purchase arrangements, allows us to fully cater to the customerā€™s hardware specifications and procurement requirements.

Project Details