Project Description

These custom nickel plated socket head screws were produced domestically using 4340 material instead of the originally requested 17-4PH version, with heat treatment to get the parts up to required 35-45 HRC hardness.  1/2-20 thread with 2A thread fit was incorporated with thread length of .77 inches.  Overall length underneath the head was set at 1.37″ +.00/-.03″.  The large .945″ diameter head presented a challenge from the start for the cold heading operation – it took multiple sets of tooling and adjustments to finally get the head shape just right.

The original part we were trying to recreate was manufactured using a machined process, at a significantly higher cost profile.  Our cold headed alternative provided great improvement in cost for the larger 5,000+ piece volume without sacrificing any quality.  Blue nylon thread locking patch was incorporated after the nickel plating to complete the part per drawing requirements.  Full certs were included with the shipment.

Project Details