Project Description

These custom knurled shoulder bolts are the result of the tests we ran with different knurling methods mentioned in one of the previous posts. Parts came out perfectly but we did run into some challenges with the lead times, being behind initial expectations due to tooling delays early in the process. We had to throw money at expediting every part of the process where possible to try to limit our delays as much as possible – some sleepless nights worrying about these bad boys and our customer’s dire need. Every good factory and secondary processor across the nation is absolutely swamped so make sure to buffer lead time expectations as much as possible.

Custom Knurled Shoulder Bolts - 41L40 Material With Zinc & Clear Finish

41L40 material was used with heat treat and zinc plated finish.  1/4-20 thread is incorporated at 1″ in length and the shoulder measures at 5/16 diameter by 1/2″ in length.  The head is at 3/16″ in height and 9/16″ in diameter.

Project Details