Project Description

These custom grade 5 automotive screws are exactly the same dimensionally as the 1/4-28 version shown in one of the previous posts but with two specific distinctions: the thread had to be 1/4-32 instead for this 2,500 pcs batch and the lead time had to be FAST. To accomplish this the hex socket drive was broached instead of cold heading, the marks of which you can see at the very bottom of the hex recess. That allowed us to save weeks of lead time and we also expedited the thread lock application process as well as all the transit in between processes. Level III PPAP paperwork is provided with the parts per our customers original request and requirement.

Our relationships with factories all over the United States and abroad based on decades of custom hardware & fastener production history, in combination with the flexibility of blanket purchase arrangements, allows us to fully cater to the customerā€™s hardware specification and procurement requirements.

Project Details