Project Description

These custom Geomet coated washers are produced and finished domestically using 3 runs of Geomet 500 coating. The washer itself is made using HV-140 steel material and is dimensionally almost identical to a standard DIN125A flat washer, with the thinner height being its only variation. The ID is 5.3-5.48MM, the OD is 9.64-10MM, and the thickness is 0.8-.85MM. A large variety of different Geomet coatings are available, not to mention the Xylan, Magni, and other trademarked finish processes at your disposal. Lead time to get the plan flat washers produced is typically 8-12 weeks, and another 3-4 weeks for the Geomet 500 coating process.

Geomet coating is typically done using the dip-spin process, which is cost effective but it does allow for visual imperfections resulting from the buildup you can see in different sections of the parts. Parts that require more cosmetic uniformity will need to go through a different method to limit these imperfections but as you may expect this comes at a significant premium.

Project Details