Project Description

These are custom drilled socket head cap screws we supplied our customer that specializes in aerospace parts repair.  They are made domestically in the USA using 17-4 PH/AMS 5643 material with AMS 2759/3, H1100 (30-37 Rc) heat treat, heavy medium sand blast, and finally passivation.  The socket head is drilled in four places at 60 degrees between each pair, using a #56 drill bit at .0465″ diameter.  The length is set at .635-.615 inches and the 8-32 UNJC-3A threaded section is to be maintained at .510 to .490 inches.

All secondary processes were completed using a NADCAP certified facility and parts were supplied to our customer with certifications for each stage, with a first article inspection report included as well to the customer’s specification.  Due to it’s price and longer lead times this custom drilled socket cap screw is ideal for a 12 month blanket purchase order arrangement where we stock the full usage requirement and release only what the customer needs over the course of the year.

Project Details