Project Description

Approximately 34,000 pieces of these custom bead blast flat socket screws were supplied to our customer in the defense manufacturing sector. Half the parts were set at 1.29″ length while the other half set to 1.695″ length. The same 1/4-28 thread was incorporated on both parts and the socket drive was cold headed. A spherical readius shape was incorporated into the top of the flat head, which is difficult to discern in the photos shown. The head height measured .097″ and the head diameter at .375″. Glass bead blast process was used to add the matte sand finish desired by our customer.

Our relationships with production facilities all over the United States and abroad based on decades of custom hardware & fastener production history, in combination with the flexibility of blanket purchase arrangements, allows us to fully cater to the customerā€™s hardware specification and procurement requirements.

Project Details