Project Description

These custom 17-7PH compression springs were manufactured domestically and is intended for aerospace manufacturing applications. 17-7 PH Stainless steel material per AMS 5678 was used and the parts were passivated per MIL-S-5002. Heat treat was specificed per MIL-H-6875 and we also had to run the springs 100% through penetrant inspection in accordinace with MIL-STD-6866 Type I, Method A, Sensitivity Level 2. Outside diameter measured .800 inches, inside diameter at .53 inches, and 3-1/2 total coils. First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) was provided with the first batch of these compression springs per customer requirements.

Our long standing partnerships with over 1,000 production facilities all over the United States and abroad based on decades of custom hardware & fastener production history, in combination with the flexibility of blanket purchase arrangements, allows us to fully cater our customersā€™ custom fastener specification and procurement requirements.

Project Details